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Born in 1989. Musician. Hideout Records Founder & CEO. Major works are『Portrait in A.I.』(2016),『Tabla House Project』(2017) ,『Live at Private Studio 2016』(2017) ,『Momentary Incursions』(2017),『Sketches of Barcelona』(2017),『Tin Hau Trap』(2018), 『Tranquil Restration in Thailand』(2018), 『J.S. Bach Sonata No. 6』(2018),『The Recovery of Soul Life』(2018) ,『On the Music of the Heavenly Spheres』(2018), and『Lake Biwa Rowing Song』(2018). Photographer. Yasuharu Nagura Photo Studio Founder & CEO. Major works are 『Guam, U.S.A.』(2015),『Saipan, U.S.A.』(2015),『Tokyo, Japan』(2016), 『Taipei, Taiwan』 (2017),『Seoul, South Korea』(2017), 『Barcelona, Spain』(2017),『Hongkong, PRC 』(2017), 『Phuket, Thailand』(2018), and etc... Regardless of domestic, he continues to shoot overseas. Official yasuharunagura.com

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