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About Eric Eggert


My name is Eric Eggert, an award winning web accessibility expert who writes and – hopefully soon – podcasts about all things on the intersection of accessibility and design.

Since 2013 I work with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards makers for the web, to improve the documentation around web accessibility. You can find a list of the articles and resources I worked on below. Since 2016, this work is done on behalf of the US non-profit Knowbility, donating 50% of my time in a Fellowship to W3C. The rest of the time I work on assessments and trainings for Knowbility.

This Patreon exists to support my side projects, mainly:

  • – My long time blog with articles in English and (occasionally) in German.

  • The Podcast – To be announced and released later this year. Patreons on the $3 and up tier get first looks really soon. Your contributions help to make the podcast fully accessible by providing a transcript.

  • Teaching at Conferences and giving Workshops – Hands on learning is the best way to spread knowledge about how to make the web accessible. Your contributions help me to speak at conferences or meetups that are unable to pay for my travel. I hope that his allows more people to get accessibility education.

W3C Accessibility Resources I worked on (with advice and direction by the Education and Outreach Working Group):

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(Header Image: CC-BY-NC-SA Radek Pavlíček)