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YearCompass is a free booklet that helps you close your year and plan the next one. It’s also a global movement built around the booklet that promotes self-awareness and introspection.

We are Adam Freisinger, Andras P. Toth, Gabor Szarvas, Istvan Vigh, Laszlo Bekessy, Laszlo Vad and Zsofia Csuth. We are the core team behind the YearCompass booklet and movement.

We are a group of doctors, designers, pharmacists and software engineers who grew up in Hungary and met in university. We worked together on various social projects throughout our student years and most of us still work together today.

We deeply believe in the value of self-awareness and in helping others become their best version of themselves.

YearCompass is a tool and a movement built around it.

It’s a free booklet that helps you close your year and plan the next one. By using a set of questions and exercises it shows you a broader perspective of your own life.

YearCompass is also a global movement.

We spread the habit of year-end reflection. Our goal is to create a world where there are more self-aware, empathetic and awesome people. So far, we have reached 500.000 people in 31 languages all around the world.

Maintaining and growing YearCompass costs money. So far we have covered these expenses from our own pocket and from the sales of the printed Hungarian booklet.

We can continue to do so but we could achieve much more with more resources.

Just a few things that would be possible with increased funds:
  • We could make a printed booklet in English.
  • We could launch a blog that produces content all year long.
  • We could create and foster an online community for YearCompass users.
  • We could design the next iteration of the booklet.

Right now, these ideas are far out of scope for our team. But with your help, they can quickly become a reality.

To reach the three closest goals – the English printed booklet, the year-round content, and the online community – we would need 200 dollars per month.

That means that we need 200 of you to step up and become our own House of Medici.

If YearCompass helped you in any way in the past, please consider supporting us now so we can continue doing this. Become our patron, become a member of our extended team.

It’s one dollar per month per person and it would make a huge difference to us.

Yes. Thank you! We make YearCompass for you and we couldn’t wish for a better group of people. You are awesome human beings who formed a fantastic community. Thank you for being with us on the journey.

Also, if you'd like to get in touch with us about anything, feel free to drop a line at [email protected]. We answer every email.
$68 of $150 per month
Year-round content. YearCompass is a seasonal project now. This milestone would enable us to keep producing related content all year long. Best practices, tutorials and more on a blog, or perhaps on a YouTube channel.
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