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As a watcher you'll get unlimited access via Discord to all of my works, including work in progress files and watcher exclusive variants in their highest resolutions. (≧▽≦)
+Access to all manga (discord)
+16 Works per month
+Access to uncensored works (discord)
+Access to WIP files (past month)
+Access to WIP videos (past month)
+Access to variants (discord)
Includes Discord benefits


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As a Voyeur you receive everything from the previous tiers as well as access to all my PSD files & Studies.  (/ω\) 

  • Everything from Watcher
  • Access to exclusive polls
  • Access to manga-story polls (coming soon!)
  • Access to high-priority character requests (Discord)
  • Access to Tutorials
  • Access to structured PSD & AfterEffects Files (past month)

Includes Discord benefits


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As a VIP you receive my eternal gratitude~ The VIP tier comes with a special discord role but has no added benefits over the Voyeur tier, it is mainly a donation tier. If you only want rewards, please choose the Voyeur tier instead~

  • Everything from Watcher
  • Everything from Voyeur
  • Special discord role
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About Yeougui

Hello everyone and welcome to Yeougui's Dungeon! (≧∇≦)/
My name is Yeou! I'm a hentai artist who draws lots and lots of kinky fetish stuff. (/ω\)
I'm so happy that you came to this page and would like you to consider supporting me, so I can dedicate more of my time creating kinky-art for the word.

What am I offering? ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ
Hoho let's get straight to business! As a Patreon supporter you'll get access to the inner workings of the dungeon, which means WIP files, a direct channel of communication with me to voice requests & participate in polls and, depending on your level you'll get a free commission every month! Doesn't that sound cool? \\٩( 'ω' )و /// Be warned though: My patreon uses the charge-upfront feature! You will be charged the instant you pledge.

Reward overview:

How to get access & your rewards:
Due to Patreon crawlers that leak my stuff I have decided to send out rewards via Dropbox on our Discord Server. Monthly rewards are usually being sent out after the 6th of each month, the quickest way to access my art is via my Discord.

Please make sure you join the discord server for amazing backer-only perks! Yeougui's Dungeon on Discord

Want to do a commission outside of Patreon?
Of course I'm also doing regular commission~ Depending on your reward tier you might even get a little discount! :3 Here are the current commission informations and prices.

Also don't worry: Every character I draw is of legal age in my works. Everything I draw displays fully consensual scenarios. BDSM is just a consensual game for all parties involved and I do not endorse anything else. The scenarios I describe are pure works of fiction and do not display any real life characters. Please always keep that in mind!
$394.37 of $1,000 per month
Monthly community commissions
Each month I'll host a community commission event where all of you can vote and participate to see your favorite characters in your favorite scenarios~
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