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Access to the SUPER-Secret Blog

$1 /mo
A HUGE thank you for joining my team! I couldn't do it without you (at least I wouldn't want to).
You will have access to my super-secret patron-only feed  with insigh...

Private Sketchbook Share

$5 /mo
You'll get exclusive access to all the sketchbook work: witness trial and errors and watch the process as it unfolds. Scanned weekly as-is (the best and the worst ...

First Look Digital Download

$10 /mo
Once a month I'll send you an original piece that you can digitally download

This might be a painting converted to use as desktop wallpaper/ screensaver, an ink line sketch th...


Limited Edition Monthly Postcard Print

$20 /mo
Aren't you a lucky duck! 

Each month I'll send you a postcard in the mail (signed, numbered, and tucked in an envelope), exclusive to patrons and not available ...


Collector's Goodie Bag

$35 /mo
Swag is on the way! At this level, you'll get a bag of treats each month. Picture small useful surprises: bookmarks, magnet, patron-only goods including stickers and rotating treats.



Handmade Original Surprise

$50 /mo
I hope you like surprises, because along with all the previous goods I'll be sending you one handmade item —one surprise gift, per month.

Original w...