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Hi! My name is Kalie and I am fascinated with the past. My passion began in 2009 after downloading and reading hundreds of public domain e-books from the 1850s to 1920s. It struck me how their sentiments and actions in daily life were so like ours today. After I exhausted all the public domain books I could find, I began to look to archived newspapers for more glimpses into the texture of daily life.

As I delved into this part of our history I wanted to share all the bizarre, surreal, unexpected and charming cultural artifacts I found along the way.

Yesterday's Print is a collection of photographs, newspaper clippings and assorted excerpts highlighting the parallels of past and present.

I have been posting to Yesterday's Print for over three years and with your support through Patreon I can devote more time to researching and chronicling topics you find interesting.

Join me in putting a personality to our past!

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