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Born in Washington State in the early years of the 1970's, Eleri Hamilton has been a denizen of the Pacific Northwest ever since. She is a woman of varied talents, having worked as a florist, an actress, a doula, and a salad bar attendant; as well as working and running conventions, planning events, developing puzzles and games, writing, making things, doing website and graphic design, painting and generally juggling more things than she really needs to be!

She can usually be found herding cats, teaching Birthing From Within childbirth education classes, reading and/or generally being awesome; all while living in an oft discombobulated home north of Seattle, WA that she shares with her spouse, one of her kids, and a menagerie of pets.
Yup. That would be me. 

I don't tend to think of what I do in terms of monetary value. I hate trying to monetize my creativity, even though people are constantly telling me I'm undervaluing myself, my work, my time, etc etc etc.  The value I get is in the joy of making, and in seeing people like what I do. 

But, economic reality being what it is, if I want an office/classroom/work space, I need an income. Thus Patreon.  We'll make this easy. One level, one reward, and it helps me Do The Thing.

You can find all my writing over here: Storyteller Eleri
My art & stuff over here: Personal Space Art
And my birthy stuff over here: Heart of Birth
$23.58 of $600 per month
Small office space and a buffer!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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