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Cailún is the lowest rank among the mages. Coming from ath'saèdhenis word meaning a chalice, you're but a vessel for the magic energy. But worry not, that is a sign of prestige - in the end, not every day someone joins the magic society.

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Stagère is a student of magic. 
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Magae is a title for the mages who understand the art of magic and can use it. It is the highest tier for a regular mage to reach, and little of them progress further within ranks.
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Hello there!

I'm Yevvie and I'm an artist working as YevvieART~
On my feed you'll find mostly illustration, game and anime fanart, hentai, some worldbuilding and concept art. Hope you'll find something that catches your eye and you decide to stick around.

I'm lucky to have an active Discord Community (love you guys!), supportive friends and amazing husband. Despite all that, job is a no-go, although I am actively searching for one, there's not much need for media & art services in my area.

By becoming my patron you're making my life a lot better - every patron means more motivation to get out of bed at the morning, more energy to draw, easier time with battling anxiety and depression (it's amazing to have someone value your hard work), and more cat food. 

If you can afford pledging even $1, it would be much appreciated! 

For one time donation you can use Ko-Fi
Thanks for your support!
8% complete
$100 per creation means I have ability to save up for necessary things such as new graphic card for my broken PC, making it possible to draw more often and keep up a regular posting schedule.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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