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About YIMBY Arts

In the political work I do, the most frequent question I get is “What YIMBY?", or conversely "What is a NIMBY?"

NIMBY stands for “Not In My Backyard” — basically the idea that a lot of people support things like homeless shelters, affordable housing non-profits, public housing projects in theory, but when the time comes to actually build it, they block it and try to push the responsibilities of it somewhere else. Hence, “Not In My Back Yard” — NIMBY. After saying “No” to basically everything for the last few decades, we now find ourselves in a massive housing shortage that has been driving up both rents and costs of living for in many cities all over the United States.  (And in some cases, world-wide as well.)

YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) is basically the opposite of that — there’s a lot of money and resources dedicated to fixing these issues but many of these funds and resources have gotten stuck in the middle of bureaucratic and political bottlenecks that have resulted in disastrous outcomes -- particularly in issues related to affordable housing and homelessness. We need to start saying “Yes” to more things and streamline the process of approvals, increasing density, and supporting innovative urban design practices to modernize our cities for the 21st Century.

I'm currently the Online Director for Abundant Housing LA (https://abundanthousingla.org/) as a volunteer, but since we are a very new movement in the political space right now, money and resources tend to be pretty tight.  Because there is an unquestioned idealism behind the idea of the single-family home, housing is an emotional topic for a lot of people that is controversial, complex, and difficult to talk about, so it doesn't tend to result in a lot of clicks or shares on the Internet model we have now.  (Believe me, I have tried.)

If I can get some support through Patreon or other sources of income, it'll take some of the financial pressures off (ironically, most of which is going into rent) so that I can focus on making content and staying involved with the political scene both on local, state, and national levels.  It'll also help me stay motivated to post updates and announcements related to housing politics more regularly and in more detail.  Let's make YIMBY/NIMBY part of the national conversation!

I originally come from a music background, so you'll occasionally see some musical content come out there as well.  Here's a String Quartet that I wrote a few years ago as an example:


As an (recovering) academic, I also dabble in the occasional blogpost/research article as well:

I am currently supporting Andrew Yang's 2020 presidential campaign and the #YangGang because I believe he is the ideal candidate for getting our of this mess, which has become a problem that has been compounding on itself for decades on end now.  He is the only candidate out there who is using the term out in the open right now.

If you're still not sure what a NIMBY is, George Carlin probably said it best here (NSFW language, btw):


Credit for Artworks: Alfred Twu (California AD15 Delegate, YIMBY, Architect, Cartoonist!)

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