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About Yiska

Thank you for browsing Yiska's patreon!
Yiska was a student with illustration major in San Francisco,
currently a working book illustrator based in New York.
He illustrates traditional & digital artwork and 
stories with supernatural and peculiar ones.
If interested, kindly read below.

All illustrations and stories are originally created by Yiska.

You can enjoy them freely, or donate to raise my creativity
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Do you have a story that wants to turn out into -
children's books, comics or graphic novels?
I can collaborate with you and illustrate it as -
Line art / monochrome / full color, etc..

Illustration © Yiska • 2017-2018
The copyright of artwork legally belongs to the artist from the moment of creation.
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My first goal is to get my illustration promoted and find my first patron!
Any supports or advices would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,
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