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About Yoga In Your Living Room

It’s time to feel better

We believe that life without aches and pains is possible. Our free online yoga library can help you get there. Each class is designed to eliminate the aches that come from sitting too much, being stressed, having poor posture and recovering from injuries. Hundreds of people have used our classes to restore ability and feel better than they used to, all from the comfort of their livings rooms. We’ll show you how to do it for yourself. Let’s start practicing. 

We Provide

  • New classes every week to keep you motivated
  • Mixed lever yoga with plenty of options for beginners
  • Explanation of how to do the movements so you feel comfortable moving on your own
  • Free support via email and social media to connect and get your questions answered

You shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to feel better

But if you have the means to donate, we are grateful to receive! We create content for the love of it, and to be the guides we wish we had when we started experiencing prolonged aches and pains. Your donation ensures this content stays available to all who need it, and goes directly to support this work. 

Meet your guide


As a former couch potato, I know persistent aches and pains well. That’s why I infuse my daily yoga practice with everything my body needs to feel its best. I learn from movement geeks far and wide: yoga teachers, physical therapists, strength trainers, bio-mechanists, movement scientists and more. I teach in order to learn, and because I love watching you discover what it means to move well and feel your best. You can practice with me everyday in our online yoga library—your new go-to spot for nutritious movement.

We believe you can feel better than you do right now

“I woke up the next morning without pain in my shoulder for the first time in years—after only one yoga practice!” -Leah
“My body always feels like it learns so much, and I feel great for days afterwards!” ~Ruth
“Every class is like physical and emotional therapy.” ~Amy

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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