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About Yoga Is Dead

Hey there! It's Tejal and Jesal here - two brown yogis...imagine that!? 

We are living in the heyday of WHITE yoga. And though we love our colleagues, there's a LOT wrong with our industry! This might come as a total shock if you thought yoga was all peace, love, non-greedy, non-stealing, hand holding. It was certainly a shock to us! 

But the truth is, the bigger yoga gets around the world, the more people are just trying to turn it into another consumer good, taking advantage of vulnerable people along the way.  

As two Indian Americans living in NYC, we keep seeing the true meaning of yoga lost on studio owners, yoga magazines, "brand ambassadors," app developers, practitioners, and casual ClassPass-ers over and over again. This is why we think YOGA IS DEAD.


So please help us out. We're working on a podcast to help jumpstart some important conversations. To expose all of those YOGA MONSTERS living under the mat and hopefully, spark some real change. 

We need your support to get this podcast off the ground. Equipment, editing, branding all costs $$ and we think this is an easy way to support our efforts. 

Resuscitating Yoga,
Jesal and Tejal
$950 of $20,000 per month
Podcasts are a lot of work, y'all. And, as we're learning, require quite a bit of investment upfront. We're putting up a goal $20,000 for our first year to pay for things like equipment, editing, hosting, distribution, marketing and lots and lots of subway rides and chai. 

We are all about transparency. If you want to know more about where all the money is going, feel free to email us at [email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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