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Welcome to the Yoga with Sacha Family :)

Hi my name is Sacha!
I am a yoga teacher, mantra singer and writer. I post free yoga and mantra videos on Youtube, write yoga articles on my blog, and I run affordable, transformative retreats - for hardworking people wanting a relaxing, fun way to dive into yoga, meditation and mantras.

This Patreon platform allows a space for community:
  • It is a place for those amazing individuals who find value in the work that me (and my awesome husband Ben) do- to support our ongoing work.
  • It is an opportunity for me to create specific higher value content tailored for you!
  • It is a place for me to create and share longer yoga videos.
  • It is a way to stay connected to the work if you have come on a retreat or had a private session with me.
  • It is an affordable way to receive all the yoga and meditation courses that I have produced so far, and the ones that are coming through now.
  • It is a platform to share live mantra singing, and also online meetups and/or question and answer sessions so that I can continue to stay connected to you.
  • In the spirit of the ancient yogic traditions you can give whatever is affordable for you. Any level of support is appreciated and it is an honour that you have even made it to this page, to consider becoming a patron!

It is my highest joy to share yoga and mantras with the world. Ever since discovering these tools I have tried my best to live in accordance with the deepest principles within this incredible tradition- Be present. Be authentic and Love as much and as freely as you can. Yoga has given me so many incredible gifts over the years, but most of all I love how simply hanging out on a mat and moving my body, or sitting on a cushion and chanting some mantras can always (eventually!) help me return home to the bliss within. Sharing this is the guiding core value of everything I offer.

     I'm a very small fry in this 'yoga world'! I am just a woman, living my life and sharing what I know and love to the best of my ability. I am blessed to have a small group of people whose lives have somehow been touched by the work that I do. I feel blessed with every single positive moment I have been a small part of catalysing, and in the spirit of Love and service I hope to overcome all my limitations and give ever more as time goes by.

     It is people like you, who support the work that I do by coming on retreats, or attending classes, or watching videos, or listening to mantras; that enable me to live this life that I love soo much.  I can't thank you enough!

Patron membership includes access to:
  • 2x Yoga Courses (Hatha Yoga Basics & Yoga for Beginners) featuring 10 longer videos not available on Youtube
  • 1x Audio Meditation Course (Relax and Re-connect) featuring 7x meditations.
  • Audio links to my mantra album: Kirtan
  • Regular (monthly-ish) 40- 60 minute yoga classes only available to Patrons or paying students
  • Patron only mantra videos and/or an opportunity to attend Patron only live mantra meditation sessions
  • A two way communication! Let me know what videos and mantras you would like and I will do my best to tailor my offerings to what you guys most want to see :)
  • The Aum Notes Newsletter regular yoga articles and any discounts and offerings from Sacha in addition to the free weekly(ish) yoga/mantra video link

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart and welcome to the family,
     Big Love & Namaste!
         :) s

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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