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Designer, Animator, Gamer, Development, Youtuber

Hi, There :)
I'm a Freelance Designer Graphics Animation Video and in Game Developer. Did Job for some years than to freelancing. Which also have been long now for. But although appreciated with the quality of my work, the payouts didn't happen as it should. More of like a struggle for a daily bread. Which isn't bad, hardwork is great ! 

Learned and learning by myself with regards to my work. Well also, love art, sketching and animation, which i often post of in my Insta Account.
And Having lots of interest Comics, Sculpting, and love animation and gaming so much, whether be relate to 2D or 3D or be it stop-motion/clayanimation

After all the Knowledge and Experiences, Decided to create a game which i had in my mind since when i left the job and started freelance. But time passed by with all the work to be done in this field for living and all. As without the consistant work/income, pretty hard to survive. Now, its time since would work on my game, want to give more importance to my dream as well, cause its just One life !. So, started concentrating on the game ideas that i have. And would go working in this game dev field :)
But deciding to lean more towards the game dev scene little by little for my dream of launching the first game.

Hope could get the needed support and thanks a lot for being Here :) 
Thanks to all, and the support ! and having a look at my page :)

$0 of $890 per month
As the goal reaches, First demo would be available.
Till than progress, or what's said !! W.I.P :)
Within a year of arranged funds (a little big target)
Its an indie game action platformer. 
Would be pleased if can reach half way soon. To get tons of enthusiasm with the project backed up. Need help and support..
Thanks all in advance !
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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