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By pledging this amount every month, not only will your name be honored on both my website and in my upcoming book, but I will also draw you a cute picture to show my thanks! Each patron will receive a unique drawing request upon their first donation!

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Updated! By pledging this amount every month, you can redeem one Yogurt acrylic phone charm of your choice! If not a phone charm, I also have buttons available! Please note that I will be looking into more smaller merch in the future!




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About YogurtM

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Patreon page for Yogurt Short Comics!

My name is Lee Cheong Loong, or simply "YogurtM", and I am the author and illustrator behind the webcomic series, as well as the sole founding member of YogurtMedia.

Read the comics online! Visit yogurt.moe to start reading free!

What is YogurtMedia? What is the webcomic series?

YogurtMedia is an independent publishing circle primarily hosting the Yogurt Short Comics, a light-hearted healing slice-of-life webcomic series following the life of a young girl, aptly named "Yogurt", and her school friends. Follow Yogurt as she grows up, everything from the simple pleasures of everyday life, to the heavier challenges that it entails. 

Yogurt Short Comics started back in 2012. Since then, over 800+ fully coloured comic strips have been published online and in-print, with 12-15 comic strips published monthly.

YogurtMedia also hopes to produce future projects outside of the Yogurt Short Comics series. The latest work in production is Sketch Artist Koko, which follows a young elementary school girl discovering new ways to make use of her magical artistic ability to draw things to life. This series will be done in the style of hardcover children's picture books, complete with a purchasable ebook version, as well as extra promotional 4koma webcomics freely available online.

Why Patreon?

Running a webcomic series, producing new content, composing soundtracks, producing books, and making merchandise all takes time and effort, but it also requires resources to help deliver! As an author, I want everyone to be able to enjoy my works, whether it's reading the webcomics online for free, or sourcing books and other merchandise.

Support and any patronage will be used to help keep the webcomics online for everyone to enjoy! That includes all the technical behind-the-scenes website maintenance, upkeep, and costs.

BUT! Your support will also be used to help fund the production of new content outside of webcomics. In particular, you can expect to see much of that support be put towards the production of:

  • Music CDs and soundtracks
  • Collectible merchandise and accessories
  • Volume collection books, art books, and storybooks

Becoming a Patron

By pledging your support, you will not only be helping to keep YogurtMedia and my webcomics alive, but you'll also be helping to make them grow! For that, I'll be eternally grateful! All Patrons will be honored by having their names published in my upcoming books and on the YogurtMedia website.

In addition, various rewards and perks will be given out to patrons that pledge a certain amount. These redeemable rewards can range from simple unique illustrations to free books and merchandise upon release!
$182.56 of $1,500 per month
All of my Patreon goals have been met! Huge thanks to all of my patrons for making it that much easier for me to keep producing works! With all goals met, this next one is simply just the road to making this whole venture more of a full-time job!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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