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Who Are We?

In 2015, three depressed millennials met in a chat and bonded over their chronic oversharing. Each making their name on YouTube through Vocaloid covers, these weeb friends found themselves collaborating on music and eventually more. Now after years of unscripted live-streams, this group wants to see what they can do if they put some actual time and attention into something.

Rachie: resident IT specialist. i love oversharing online

Anthong: nico-nico-nihilism!

Juby: mom pants of the group. just doing my best.

What Is Yonaka Tea Time?

Yonaka Tea Time is a podcast experience where three friends get together to drink tea, de-stress, and talk about what’s wrong with people. We talk about the internet, anime, vocaloid, memes, weeb stuff, and the troubles of being a depressed millennial.

What Is Our Goal?

We hope to bring a little bit of enjoyment to other depressed millennials trying to fill the anxious silence in their lives. Sometimes school can be stressful and sometimes life can be confusing, so why not take a break with 3 idiots giving unprompted TED talks? Every week we will bring you a topic one of us is passionate about— from deep personal stories to mobile game obsessions.

We may not have the answers to your problems or even our own, but we'll share our experiences and things that make us get out of bed in the morning.

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Anthong's New Computer Fund

So when an Anthong loves his computer too much, now I'm talking WAY too much, said computer gets a crack in the screen and the 'n' key starts to fall off. Said computer is slow.... it can't play free mahjong solitaire programs like it used to anymore. No matter how much bread Anthong puts in the disc drive, the pained computer screams never cease. This will help the Anthong get a new computer! A bright and shiny one that he slap a holographic Hatsune Miku sticker right on and call his own. Said computer will also help him make music for his friends, as well as mix covers for uploads and even help him attempt at making videos! Every dollar counts!!!!!!!!
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