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Thank you for your support and for contributing towards the goals! One step closer to a milestone will benifit everyone!

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Just want to support Artificial Incident? AI takes a lot more time and work than Yosh! so It only updates once a week, It might take a bit longer, but it's totally worth it and I appreciate your help!

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Yosh! Is a more frequently updated comic that I have been doing since the end of 2003! Thank you for your support on this long term webcomic with over 2000 pages!




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About Philip Brown

Hi everyone! First off, thank all of you who have already helped create so much of my work through your support. For those new people though I will try to keep this short!

I draw comics!

Ok that was too short.

Since late 2003 I have been drawing and writing the comic Yosh! It's still going and it's a lot of fun creating things for people to read and enjoy. It's about an alternate Earth with magic returning after a long period of suppression from an ancient group trying to free people from the tyranny of a cabal of Mages known as the Five Magi (Which is actually 6 just to keep it real confusing).  The current group of "heroes" is discovering the past and forming alliances and friendships with powerful people, including the descendants of the Magi themselves. It's focus is Comedy, Action, and Fanser- Romance? The comic spans over 1800 comics and is still going!

You can read Yosh! Here! It updates every Monday and Friday.
Yosh! -Click here to see the comic-

Yosh! isn't the only comic I work on though! I also started a project called Artificial Incident! Artificial Incident is a LitRPG story. Seeing as LitRPG isn't a very well known genre, it's basically Literature (Or Stories) about people playing a Role Playing Game much like a Dungeons and Dragons game or a Video game. AI focuses on a character that plays in a Full VR RPG stuck inside his characters avatar trying to figure out why and how she has been melded with her character. I don't want to give away too much, so if any of this have peaked your interest check it out by clicking the link below!
 Artificial Incident - Click here to see the comic!-

Pledging money is completely optional.  Your support will make it possible for me to continue to create these stories.  I chose to make my Patreon account a monthly thing because I believe in contributing what one can, and since I update 3 days a week every week even a dollar per update can be too much for some. 

Some of the rewards offer pictures as a reward, and these pictures are what are displayed on the Patreon page. For comic updates you'll need to check the website but any updates to Patreon will be artwork done each month for many donators and almost all of it is done on a stream on Picarto! If you are interested in seeing me work I stream every Friday night at 9pm EST at this link! -Picarto-SageSaga-

 I'll do everything I can to make your pledge worth it! Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy my work and my continued journey in improving my art and stories!
$699.33 of $750 per month
Readjusting this goal to rework it- What is it? The old Bust Chart Goal! At 750USD a month I will renew and redraw the Bust Chart! No longer will you have to dive deep into the Patreon depths to find the old chart pictures- but a new more up to date and all around prettier bust chat shall be made! With the new characters and shall also include Artificial Incident!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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