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Thank you for your support and for contributing towards the goals! One step closer to a milestone will benifit everyone!
Artificial Incident Supporter
$5 or more per month
Just want to support Artificial Incident? AI takes a lot more time and work than Yosh! so It only updates once a week, It might take a bit longer, but it's totally worth it and I appreciate your help!
Yosh! Supporter
$12 or more per month
The average cost of 1 dollar per Yosh! comic per month! Your contribution model shows an appreciation  for every single thing I do.
Support all the Comics!
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A dollar a comic per month! 16 comics? (Yosh! and Artificial Incident) 16 dollars! This tier is to show your appreciation for all the works I do and It's greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
Sketch Supporter
$20 or more per month only 3 left
Sketch and Donate - for your contribution you will also get a sketch of any character from the Yosh! or AI comics, either your choice of random or a request! 
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$50 or more per month (sold out!)
Yosh! or AI Character Commission - For your 50 dollar contribution you will get a single Yosh! character commission in full inks and color! This image can be a request or you can leave it to me! Keep an eye on your Patreon Messaging if you have this Tier!