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THANK YOU You are here with us-We love you!!! We know this is an incredible commitment and we can't do it without you. YOU WILL GAIN ACCESS to All patreon-only posts, first listens to new music, first access to concert tickets. You will be invited to meet and greets to any concert you purchase a ticket.  Get a photo and get us to sign your stuff! We can't wait to meet you (or meet you again....)

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Wow, you are our passenger-THANK YOU for this generous patreon support ALSO ACCESS to All patreon-only posts, first listens, first access to concert tickets and you will be invited to meet and greets to any concert you purchase a ticket. PLUS surprise downloads to rare songs and receive  personal playlists of music we are loving with a direct email FROM US TO YOU of personal band updates.  

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This is some incredible dedication to help make the art.  The soft revolution continues.  You will get everything from the other tiers as well as patreon only inside view live web chats while we are in studio, in rehearsal or on the road.  You will be able to ask us all the questions and get some inside track on the creation of the music. Plus ONCE A MONTH receive a private video of an Evan Cranley cooking show and recipe filmed by Amy-this is usually at their home with children yelling around them but sometimes it is his famous tour bus meals! (his instagram @cranleycooks) AND a piece of writing-lyrics poems-thoughts from Torq or Amy VIA email  (yes! Also once EVERY MONTH!!) THANK YOU



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The ones who have taken us in. The ones who have stopped to listen. The ones who went out in the rain and watched us play. Never leave us, please. Because we will never leave you.
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