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Even just one dollar per tutorial contributes to my overall ability to continue creating educational content for free on YouTube and other outlets.

This is a valuable token of support and you will get a huge "Thank You!" from me.  In addition you will receive --

  • Exclusive Content such as recruiting advice from successful college and high school coaches!
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What is Patreon and why do I use it

My name is Jeff (Coach) Floyd and I have over 30 years experience as a teacher and coach.  My  blog ( with nearly 500 posts and 1/2 million views) discusses a variety of subject that are important to athletes, coaches, and parents... while my YouTube Channel (youcandomore) deals specifically with the college recruiting process and how athletes, parents, and coaches can better navigate that often confusing journey.

If you're not familiar with Patreon, the concept is that you support a creator financially for each piece of valuable content they create for you. In my case, it's videos and podcasts helping you understand recruiting, and to ultimately GET a scholarship offer!

So How Does It Work?

Every month I plan to publish 2-3 tutorial videos to my YouTube Channel youcandomore. Each time I do so, I share that YouTube video here and mark it as a piece of content that you're supporting. The number of YouTub trainings I publish that month determines how much you contribute.   In addition you will unlock additional content on this site (like interviews with college coaches) that will be available only to you, my Patrons!

For example, if you pledge $1 per YouTube tutorial and that month I publish 2 videos you'll contribute $2 for that month.

If you're concerned about going over your budget, you can easily set a monthly contribution limit when you're entering your payment info. That way there's no surprises at the end of the month.

For example, you can pledge $3 per YouTube tutorial, get access to the rewards at that tier, but cap your monthly contribution limit to $3, thus supporting 1 YouTube tutorial that month.

And don't worry about missing out on any content either. You will still continue to get my YouTube tutorials even if I publish additional ones that go beyond your maximum contribution limit for the month.

Where does my money go

Your support enables me to invest into producing free tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel, youcandomore.

As you know, it takes time and resources to create content, both which require money.  Each video takes about a week to film, edit, and post... but really it contains a LIFETIME of experience that I am sharing with you!

Shoot, I don't have money to support this.

No problem at all! Please don't become a patron if you're low on money or are struggling financially. I know what that feels like and want you to take care of more important priorities first. I will continue to make videos and that I hope will help you navigate the difficult journey of college recruiting.
$15 of $50 per
This will allow me to continue providing high quality recruiting tutorial videos on my YouTube channel youcandomore.
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