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How to play YouEscape:
• Connect to a live video stream
• Guide the gamemaster through your microphone
• Solve all the puzzles within the time limit

Gameplay Clarifications:

• YouEscape is played in real time.
The gamemaster will also provide you with a number of in-game hints and answer any gameplay questions you might have.

 There are clues and puzzles outside the live video stream.
Usually in the form of images, videos and other websites.

Payment Clarifications:

• YouEscape is intended to be played once per month (but you may also play a single time and stop).
After playing a game you have two choices.
The first one is to unsubscribe and live happily ever after.
The second one is to stay on the train. Every month you'll be playing a new YouEscape!

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List of YouEscape Rooms:


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Available time slots:

* If you didn't find a suitable time slot, just message me at  [email protected] the days & hours you are available.

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact me at: [email protected] 

About me:
I love puzzles and escape rooms. Always did, always will.
They fascinate me, intrigue me and a good puzzle can give my brain a natural high.

So one of those sleepless nights that one ponders what life is all about, I realized that I should strive to make my passion a bigger part of my life.

Thus YouEscape was born; an earnest attempt to share my love for escape games and puzzles.
From escape room enthusiasts, to people who never had the chance to enjoy them, everyone is invited on this ride! 

See you in-game,
GM Nick
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Every patron will receive an invitation to participate in a massive online puzzlehunt!
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