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About YouHaveBeenWatchingFilms

Hi! My name is Olivia Bagshaw, I'm a trans writer and the majority of my time is spent thinking and writing about films. Whether it's writing short films and spec screenplays, or writing detailed video reviews, most of my thoughts focus on film discussion. I love a variety of films and, with my YouTube channel YouHaveBeenWatchingFilms, I try to discuss them in a way that can help spread love and appreciation.

My intention has always been to try and provide clear, concise video essays examining a wide range of films, providing interpretations, explanations or reviews. The reason I'm making this Patreon page is because managing the YouTube account takes up the majority of my time - researching, writing, editing, recording audio and even producing new music for each video. I want to be able to continue producing these video essays to a high standard while also having a platform where I can offer something in return to the viewers.

If you decide to support the channel through this Patreon page, it would go towards providing more time spent on each video, broadening the range of films that will be discussed on the channel with a higher quality of research and writing for each video. I would like to also introduce new video topics and make longer videos.

I'm forever grateful that my YouTube channel has allowed me to use my different skills to provide a form of educational video content. I've always been interested in films and writing - this channel has allowed me to bring both together. I just want to say thank you to everyone, whether you've decided to become a Patreon supporter or whether you're unsure, as long as we can all discuss and learn from films, I just wish us all a great time watching as many as possible.

I will intend to provide extras for those able to support the channel through Patreon, such as personal access to music, a copy of the video script, and I intend to host polls here for supporters to decide which video will be uploaded onto the channel next. Thank you so much for reading this, sorry if it's turned out a bit long-winded. All the best!

- Olivia Bagshaw

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