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About YKS

You probably subscribe to too much stuff, right? You got your meals, snacks, games, a box full of Suicide Squad dolls, and all the essentials coming to you in the mail every single damn month. Just a few clicks and you’re hoggin’ off the teat of the USPS for life. But here’s the catch: once you get your anime Harley Quinn Stuff-Plushie 2.0 out of the packaging and wipe your drool off of it, then what? You still got a damn box to deal with! And the little pieces of shredded-up Batman V. Superman IMAX tickets they stuffed it with, too! What a pain, what a hassle. What an expense!

But what if I told you there was a way you could subscribe to a service that would take money out of your account every month, potentially even more money than you were giving to those godawful snack hawkers, and without the unbearable existential horror of dealing with a minor amount of cardboard on your kitchen table. That’s because we won’t send you a box, or any amount of boxes. EVER.

No boxes: It’s the YourKickstarterSucks promise.

What we will send you, though, is hours and hours of exclusive, gut-busting comedy deemed “Too Hot” for the iTunes airwaves, and restricted by decree to only the most mature and $5-havingest laughterphiles. Is that you? Here’s a checklist to find out!

Score 0 or better to qualify. Are you ready to hear about the stupidest horseshit scams, braindead services, and bogus products online? 10 points.

How about this, smart ass: Would you like the YourKickstarterSucks blog to return in all its former glory with daily text slams of crowdfunding fiascoes? Oh yeah? 210 points.

What about helping us decide which campaigns to contribute to, and subsequently ruin via the backer-only comments page? 211 points.

And do you enjoy supporting the independent creative endeavors of two men who love making people laugh and, more importantly, love each other? 58 points.

Did you think I’d be able to come up with more than three things to put on the checklist? 1 point.

Now tally up your total, add 60 to it, and what did you get? More than zero? Or just zero, somehow? Awesome! Welcome to the YKS Fan Zone. Sign up to the right and share your score on whatever site you want with the hashtag #YKSFanZoneScore. See ya in there!

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