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A helper does not have the time to actively participate in the transition, but five dollars a month helps immensely. 




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About Earth Organisation for Sustainability

The Earth Organisation for Sustainability is a non-profit association aimed at developing, testing and advocating alternative socio-economic systems. At the current rate, our established systems are depleting the soils and freshwater reserves of the planet, destroying the eco-systems and disturbing the balance of the atmosphere.
We want to develop new ways to manage resources, based on our values and on science, supported by three criteria for sustainability.
- That we may not use more than the Earth may replenish.
- That we need a circular economy.
- That all human beings have a right to life
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The EOS is conducting projects through holons - autonomous local groups focused on initating and/or helping with projects related to sustainability. These projects are visible on our website, and could be everything from building a 3D printer lab and raising biodomes to creating software.

Our main goal is to test alternative socio-economic systems, based around our three criteria - a global ecological budget ceiling, a circular economy and an income floor for every human being. 

We, like everyone else, are operating in the context of a monetary system, though we desire to help humanity transcend towards a resource based global economy based on pysical parameters. We need money to fund our projects, our website and our operations, and we look forward to collaborating with our patrons. 

Maybe you want to join a holon? Maybe you want to help but are unable to? Each Dollar helps. 
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