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Over the years i've come across people and clients that get offered by "Social Media Gurus"  X amount of followers, likes, etc "guaranteed!"

The reality is that those are uncontrollables that can't be guaranteed! You can't force people to engage, like, share or comment with your page and content. So In my agency, we work with our clients to add fuel to their fire, what do I mean by that?

We work on leveraging their database to get repeat business, work on creating social proof or their product or service. We have been fortunate to make an impact in the real estate sector where we use Video Marketing to develop a "relationship" through proof of concept and the selling without selling (client testimonials) but all of these principals can be applied to ANY business!

In this platform my goal is to be able to make it very personable to your needs, my videos will be based on what YOU want to learn not just on what I want to teach! I want to provide you with the most amount of value possible, so based on questions and interests those will be the topics I will be covering! 

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