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For as little as 1$ a month you could help support YPX News and Super Soldier Forum.  If everyone on the forum donated 1 dollar we would have more than enough to support our cause.  You can also help support YPX and Super Soldier Forum by listening to or buying the album "Anything" by "Queen Poodle."  To learn more about Queen Poodle visit www.QueenPoodle.com

Here at YPX News we are dedicated to uncovering the truth no matter how well hidden, or bizarre it may seem. YPX News is a non-profit organization that seeks to facilitate a higher level of understanding of the universe, and investigates some of the more unusual aspects of our world. We also have a sister site called www.SuperSoldierForum.com, which acts as a medium for people to express views that may not be considered mainstream. While we are not yet technically recognized as a non-profit organization, we do seek to one day become larger, and acquire more resources necessary to research valuable information. On behalf of the site's creator Nate Grey, we sincerely hope you find your visit to our site enriching and informative.
Who We Are

We are a group where individuals that have experienced and/or studied the paranormal can meet and exchange ideas. We work hard to uncover the truth, and reveal the lies and disinformation perpetuated by both the media, and our educational system. Here at YPX News, we make it our duty to constantly study various sources of information ranging from mainstream, to alternative, to the downright absurd to ensure that you are getting the best, most accurate, and up to date information available.

Our History

YPX News was founded by Nate Grey in 2013. The road leading up to the creation of YPX news has led Nate to many interesting people. One of these people was a man who went by the alias "JRIDGE". JRidge claimed to be part of a secret government organization known as "The Department of Naval Intelligence". JRidge began teaching Nate about some of the department's clandestine projects, but this came to an end when Nate voiced his intention of making this information public. After his encounter with JRidge, Nate was hospitalized and later payed a visit by the daughter of JRidge. According to her, JRidge was dead. For Nate, this meant that much of JRidge's claims had validity, as the situation reeked of foul play. While still in the Hospital, Nate encountered other unique individuals who had stories of aliens, alien hybrids, and other strange phenomenon. This experience was life changing, and inspired Nate Grey to seek out like minded people to help himself, and the rest of the world see and understand what's out there.
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We need to make $100 a month to support Super Soldier Forum and YPX News.  The extra 10$ is a fee the website collects.  Anything you can give will help, thank you!  
I have to pay for bandwidth and other stuff for 2 websites and one is a forum with many hits.
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