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Any contribution, big or small, will take us a long way into game dev. Do not underestimate the power of a small contribution, this means a lot to us!

As a reward, you will get a personal thank you email from us. Feel free to reply, talk to us, or ask us anything :)
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We don't really drink coffee, even though we are from Costa Rica, but you would be essentially donating 99 cents to Yuan and 99 to Hao so that they can eat ice cream while programming. Sounds good no?

You will get the same reward as above, however, not from one, but two brothers ;)
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Okay, life of an indie gamer is actually more than just ice creams. Programming and Pixel art takes a lot of time and effort.

With your generous monthly contribution, you will have access to builds of the Ninja Engine and all previous rewards.




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We are Yuan Works, an Indie Game Dev studio from Costa Rica. We like fun, 2D pixel art retro games and we would like to contribute our own creation too :)

Our goal now is to develop the Ninja Engine that will power Little Ninja, our ambitious 2D platformer for Dreamcast, handhelds, PC/Mac/Linux, among others:

However, before going full tilt, we will start by programing our engine on our Bleu project, which, even though it will have 8-bit graphics, will have powerful platform game play mechanics that you will be able to beta test hand to hand with us:

With your contribution, we wish to find the time (and motivation!) to go from developing Bleu, and the Ninja Engine, towards Little Ninja as our final product.
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We have been out of the indie gaming scene for a while, but the truth is that we always loved to make games and we've been secretly waiting fo the time to come back.

We would like to slowly make our dream come true again!

By reaching our first goal, we will start blogging about the WIP of the Ninja Engine platform.

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