Yuba Trails Stewardship

is creating a steward for trails with the help of our community.
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Not a big trail user? Maybe you're on a budget , but still want to contribute? Even $2 a month is a welcome donation, and it goes a long way towards showing our local government that folks are willing to support quality trails!

In exchange for your support, you're entitled to an exclusive YTS sticker.

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By paying it forward, trail-lovers like you allow us to support the beautiful trails that a healthy community requires.

Becoming a YTS Member entitles you not only to an exclusive Member sticker, but also to a beautiful Yuba-blue T-shirt to show off your support for local trails.

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Stewards don't just show their support for trails with their wallets, but with tools as well! At a Steward, you have the opportunity to help care for our existing trails with one of our partner organizations, allowing you to accrue volunteer time that can pay off with discounted / free access to trainings, gear, and events.

Of course, Stewards also receive a YTS Steward sticker & shirt.




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About Yuba Trails Stewardship

Yuba Trails Stewardship believes that a healthy community starts with effective ways for people to be healthy and active by developing reasonable transit and recreational trails within and between our local communities.

Our mission at Yuba Trails Stewardship is to support effective trails and healthy communities by organizing and training volunteers; building and sustaining relationships with land managers; as well as bringing together individuals, businesses and civic organizations.

Our goal to achieve YTS's mission is bring the community together to help support through donations, volunteer hours, and supporting trails throughout the community.

The funds that will be generated through your generous support are used exclusively to support volunteer stewards, as well as our shared goals in creating and maintaining trails.

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