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About The Organization is your first source for everything in Yu-Gi-Oh! news and entertainment.

Our Organization is among the first and best to translate and explain new and upcoming releases from Japan's Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game for an English-speaking audience, so that English-speaking players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game can look forward to those releases when they make their international debut. (Most of those releases make their journey from the OCG's regions of the world to the TCG's regions of the world within a few months.)

We don't stop there, though.

When KONAMI posts a Q&A from the OCG, we bring the Q&A to you in a translated and easily-understood form, and we update our translations to ensure you have as much info as possible.

When an OCG card is finally released for gameplay in the TCG, we continue our coverage by bringing you detailed information on the card's localized name and text, so that you can look for the cool cards you've been waiting for at your local hobby shop.
What about cards that are released in the TCG first? We inform the world about those too, including when they travel over to the OCG!

What about the anime? What about the manga? We cover them too, whenever we can - we want to be your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! fan-made website, for both the card game and other matters.

Our hope is to help you have more fun, and our mission is to bring you the best information possible.

And we will continue with all of our current content for free.

The fun has just begun - help us in our mission!
We have, so far, kept things going through our own efforts - we've managed to find time and money to keep things rolling, and we're happy to do so. We want to cover Yu-Gi-Oh! news and entertainment for as long as Yu-Gi-Oh! exists. We are happy to serve.

However, we've noticed that as more and more fans find us, the costs of running a free news site are beginning to hit us hard, even after accounting for the few advertisements we allow. The more visits we get, the more our server costs go up, for example - and our team cannot handle the costs alone forever.

We also want to keep the number of advertisements on our website low, so that our visitors don't get flooded with unwelcome and annoying messages.

We also have a lot of ideas about what bigger things we might be able to do, if we had more time and resources. We want to cover more news and events, and we want to look into other cool ideas as well.

That's where this Patreon page comes in - we humbly ask for any help you can provide, so that we can continue what we've started, and serve this community of fans and gamers in bigger, better ways.
With your help, we can keep covering news, keep ads low, and keep growing!

Thank you for your support, and thank you for reading this page. We're grateful beyond words, and we'll keep working hard and burning the midnight oil to prove it. is here for you!
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Every Patreon Page needs a goal. So this seems like a good one. 
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