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Coffee Hero
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My day begins with a cup of coffee! To show my gratitude for warm coffee, here are the rewards!

  • Name credit on the exclusive page of this month
  • Access to exclusive articles for patrons (Making-of, behind the stage)
  • High resolution illustration (narrow side 2000px)
  • Layered PSD of the final revision  (narrow side 2000px)
Includes Discord benefits
Curry Hero
per creation
 Being a vegetarian, I love vegetable curry from India. To show my gratitude for a delicious lunch, you will receive all the rewards above + the following!

  • High resolution GIF of the making process (Narrow side 700px)
  • HD video(High resolution version of the Youtube video)
  •  Layered PSDs of all revision  (narrow side 2000px)
Includes Discord benefits
Book Hero
per creation
There’s nothing I can’t draw if I have references?! To show my gratitude for books, you will receive all the rewards above + the following!

  • Postcard for the drawing of the month (with hand written message!)
  • URL link of your choice on the name credit on the exclusive page of the draing
Includes Discord benefits




per creation


Hi, I'm Yuko!

This Patreon is to support my creative activities.

I believe quality art requires time and the best materials. My dedication to my craft inspires me to spend much of my time researching the best way to bring my vision to life. I do this because I also believe my audience and my patrons deserve my best work.
That’s why I have started this new campaign. I want to build a body of work we can all be proud of. I want to give you, my contributors, exceptional value for what you make possible. The more successful we are, the more time I will be able to dedicate to pleasing works that will inspire you the same way you all have inspired me.
Please consider making a contribution to our community. I am putting together the tools and supplies to launch a truly exciting new series of designs. I can’t wait to show you what we can build together.


After working as an illustrator and Art Director for 5 years in the publishing/gaming industry, I now work as a freelance Concept Artist and illustrator. I will face what I want to express head-on, and draw with all my soul for my Patrons.
You can browse all my pieces on the Internet. I’m also planning to upload a making-of video on Youtube early this summer.

Release Interval of Pieces 

For now, I plan on releasing one piece every month.
If I start to get a lot of support, I may update my work more frequently, challenge big pieces or analog drawings, and upload videos more frequently! 

The difference between pieces I draw for Patreon and for work 

The pieces I draw with support from my patrons express freely a part of my inspiration and soul based on my roots.
On the other hand, at work I give shape to ideas and interests of my clients using my techniques. Although this is classified as creative, it is not free.
I want to put more focus more on “Outputting the things I want to express in pure form” rather than “The act of drawing itself”. That’s why I want to keep drawing unique drawings that do not get restricted by demands or market trends.

About my artwork 

I like drawing pictures that show mutually exclusive things coexisting. My individual work mostly consists of drawings that express various gaps such as the gap between language and emotion, story and moment, joy and sadness, moment and eternity, and so on. Most of the time I use humans as my theme but sometimes I try throwing in multiple elements into one screen such as definitive and abstract, or 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.
On the Youtube video, I will show the making process with commentary. Contrary to the serious-tone seen in my drawings, I want to make it something fun that will make the audience giggle here and there.
I love cute things and collect stuffed dolls. I’d like to get them on my videos as the narrator.

Why I don’t charge fees on the pieces themselves 

As I mentioned earlier, anyone can browse all pieces and videos for free.
I don’t charge fees on the pieces themselves because I like the freedom of the Internet, much like a flyer stand. If you’re not interested, you can always pass by, and if you are interested, you can just take it home with you. Anybody can access my work freely, regardless of wealth or nationality.
Eventually, I want to monetize my work by printing them out, putting them in a book, creating fashion products like scarfs and t-shirts, or hosting exhibits, but even then I still plan on sharing my work on my website and SNS for free so more people will have a chance to see my work.

Why I need your help 

Free creative activities such as the above requires financial aid. In the art world, we call them Patrons.
I need many things to create pieces.
For instance, I need equipment and special software for digital pieces and drawing materials for analog pieces. I need to purchase references and pay for transportation to go to the library in order to research good materials. I also need to pay rent for my atelier, utility expenses, food, and a place to sleep so that I myself can survive.
Ideally I want to draw without worrying about money, but to do that I need to decrease the amount of my daily work. In fact, I asked my current employer to let me work 4 days a week so I can put this project in motion. If I cut any more days out of the week, I won’t be able to pay for foods, drinks, clothes, and housing for my family and myself.
For now I’m planning on creating digital pieces, but as I get more support I will be able to purchase various drawing materials and study new ways to express myself, so you can expect a lot more in the future. 

Where does the money go?

The money I receive from my patrons will be spent by me when and as necessary. If I get leftovers, I will save them for big future projects and surprise projects!

Help me and you get perks! 

“If the pieces are free, what’s in it for me as a patron?” I understand completely if you feel this way. So, here are some rewards I came up with for my patrons! Please choose the combination of contribution and reward that suits you!
  • Credit in the exclusive page for each piece (URL link back available for some)
  • Access to exclusive articles only available for patrons (Making-of, behind the stage)
  • High resolution drawings (narrow side 2000px)
  • High resolution GIF of the making process (narrow side700px)
  • HD video
As this project gets bigger, I plan on adding more reward items. (See below “The goal of this project”)

The goal of this project 

For now, the biggest goal is to become 100% independent financially with this project, because with more free time in my hands, I can try new forms of expression and surprise my patrons.
As my way of showing gratitude, I plan on increasing the periodical contents and rewards based on the total sum of support from this project and the Japanese project on CAMPFIRE!
Below are some ideas I have in mind.
  • Online hangout exclusively for patrons
  • Online course for digital art
  • Create moving drawings (GIF art)
  • Challenge mixed media
  • Write a story with lots of pictures
  • Publish a book of drawings
  • Private coaching for digital painting to some patrons (touch-up on drawings, coaching for improvement, career consultation, etc.)
Needless to say, my journey doesn’t end when I reach these goals. I wish to continue working on this project as long as possible. I don’t really see it as reaching the goal goal=success. Rather, the real objective is to connect with as many people as possible through this project. So in a way, the process leading up to the goal is the success I have in mind.

Thank you for reading. You’re so nice!

If you thought my drawings were “nice”, thank you.
Want to support me but still having second thoughts?Even if you close the browser after this, you are still wonderful people. Please tell a friend who might be interested.
For those who have decided to support me, you are my heroes. I will be receiving precious money from you, so I will use if very carefully. I will create pieces that won’t let you down, so please stay tuned!
$20 of $500 per creation
500 USD is the base price of a piece of illustration.I can cover my rent with this price.2 or 3 extra day-offs. I can try on more complex composition.
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