Yumi Sakugawa is creating comics, creative rituals, art, writing, meditations, magic

Plant Strange Seeds And Let Strange Things Grow

$1 /mo
Drawings, rituals, meditations, and practical advice on living and manifesting your most magical creative life. Everything I wish I had known when I was a struggling, insecure young artist. 

Cave Painting In The Desert With Wolves

$3 /mo
In addition to previous tier reward, behind-the-scenes exclusive looks at works-in-progress of long-term projects, sneak peeks of secret projects, personal magic rituals, magic practice, mindful fa...

Deep Sea Pearl Diving Walking Along The Ocean Floor

$9 /mo
In addition to previous rewards: 

* Guided meditation audio / video

* Super Secret Creative Experiments In Sound, Performance, Poetry, Video 

* Impromptu divination