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About Yungtown

Hey! My name is Luke aka: Yungtown and I make music!

After a long hiatus I'm 100% officially back. Now that I'm free from the pressure of trying to make it as a YouTuber, I'm pouring my heart and soul into the thing I've loved since I was a youngin'. MUSIC. I don't know why I tried to spend so many plates, but bump that noise, let's make some bangin' tunes. 

Right now my main source of income comes from Streaming on Twitch, where I make around $1,200 a month. That right there covers my rent. My side hustle to cover groceries along with other bills is doing videography, video-editing, and voice over work. I mostly do this work locally with small businesses. Any extra money I had, has gone toward leasing beats, and upgrading my small studio. 

If you support me monthly on Patreon, I can drop all these side hustles and just focus that time on producing music. And in return you will receive music (and I hope professional music videos ) that I pray will encourage you and bring you life. My first major project in the works right now, is a full length 10 song (minimum) album! My hope is to have it finished by Fall of 2019 but with your help it could be much much sooner. It's all dependent on whether or not I can drop my other jobs and focus on this project. And then beyond this album, I'll probably release some singles, before moving onto the second album. Leasing beats from producers can cost anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on their prices. Then I haven't even began thinking about physical distribution yet. I'm handling all the in house writing, recording and mixing, and sending them out to be mastered. So these songs are just performed by me, in the solace of my apartment. It can get quite restless. 

All of my music is intentionally written with bright & hopeful tones to contrast the gloomy nature of the majority of media today. 

Thank you so much for supporting me through my journey of self-discovery. I may have gotten lost attempting to do too much in the past, but one thing's for sure, music will forever be the heartbeat of my existence. That will never change. I'm here to make music, so... let's make some together!
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I couldn't make this album without YOUR help. Thank you so much for your support! I just want you to know that every little bit counts and is so meaningful.

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• Exclusive Patreon behind the scenes video each month, showcasing the making-of my upcoming album!

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• Digital Copy of the Album when it releases.

• With this perk you will help accelerate my progress on my first album along with my undying gratitude for supporting me each month until its release.

• If somehow the Patreon hits $2,500 a month, I'll be able to afford to ship everyone in this perk a signed album.

• Also the other perks listed above.

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Full-time musician! (sortof)
$1,500 will allow me to live comfortably. With this I'll be able to afford groceries and pay off remaining bills, which will open up my time to focus solely on creating music on the daily!
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