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Get the opportunity to give a presentation to the YutaTanakaSoundStudio community.
-The topic can be composition, arrangement, analysis, visual art, or poetry/lyrics.
-The presentation format can be written dialog, podcast, or zoom interviews, with YutaTanakaSound. Once per month per a patreon.
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これに加えてTier 1の特典も得られます。
  • Opportunity to give presentation to the community (コミュニティに向けて発信の機会)
  • Monthly exclusive newsletter (月刊・限定ニュースレター)


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Opportunity to request a topic for an analysis/presentation presented to the Patreon community by YutaTanakaSound (Up to performance time of 5 minutes per month per Patreon)
The final product will be either a written, video, or ZOOM webinar.
+the benefit of tier 1&2

これに加えてTier 1と2の特典も得られます。
  • Opportunity to make a request on a topic of a presentation to the community given by YutaTanakaSound(YutaTanakaSoundによるpresentationトピックリクエスト)
  • Monthly exclusive newsletter (月刊・限定ニュースレター)
  • Opportunity to give presentation to the community (コミュニティに向けて発信の機会)

About yutatanakasound

YutaTanakaSoundStudio is a community for folks who want to enrich their lives, through music. Yuta Tanaka, as a moderator, provides instructions on how to play, understand, and write music. Through becoming a patreon member of the studio, you can learn, share, get to know more, and being inspired about music from Yuta and other patreons.

Come on and join us to make music part of your lifework, and be constantly moved, delighted, healed, and empowered!

Website: www.yutatanakasound.com


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When I reach 10 patrons, I will host a patron-only zoom hang, inviting all patrons. I am excited to get to know everyone, and introduce each patron to each other as great musical colleagues!

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