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When Yves Lewis sings, ‘I’m In Love with the Music”, it comes from his soul – a soul continually nourished by his Saint Lucan roots and culture, though he now lives and works in the USA.

Originally from Paix Bouche, Babonneau, Yves lives in Boston, Massachusetts,where this long-time producer and owner of "WildCubby Music LLC" record label has experienced something of a music epiphany over the last year.

Yves is marking his first anniversary as a music artiste.He officially launched his music career in June 2018 with his Soca song, “Rum and Rain”. That means he has elevated himself from the unseen background of the music industry, to writing…and performing what he writes.

His best performing song is ‘I'm in love with the music, which has registered 7.5k views on YouTube

“I spent the last year exploring the multiple genres of music that I grew up listening to. I have written, recorded and released seven singles in four genres --Soca, Zouk, Reggae and Country and Western -- in my first year as an artiste.”

Yves is modest about the response to his foray into performance:

“I have had lots of encouragement and support on social media. My music can be found online on most digital outlets for streaming and downloading -- iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, soundcloud, Amazon, and apple music, to name a few.”

The versatile artiste plans to pile on the good vibes in 2020. He acknowledges the hard work ahead, but also appreciates the organisation it takes to build and expand his audience:

“I spent many months in the recording studio and have completed about 20 songs, mostly reggae to be released in the coming 2020 year.

My biggest challenge so far would be introducing myself and my music to the public. 2020 is the time to build my fan base and do some live performances.”

Yves has built a credible legacy as an executive producer, so far releasing 11 CD's containing 49 songs on the WildCubby Music Label. Now he has taken the role of “the front man” in his quest to conquer the world with his perspectives of the music that fired his soul on the beautiful island home on Saint Lucia.

Some of Yves Lewis selections include:
Un Ti Bo ( zouke)
I’m In Love with the music (soca)
Fantasy (reggae)
Rum and rain {remix} (soca)
Hold On Tight (reggae)
Baby Just Hold On Tight (country and western)
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