Zachary Jordan

is creating digital tools and media for a safer and more informed society




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About Zachary Jordan

I've spent the past 5 developing projects to support a safer and more informed society. I've worked on free tools to assist with everything from cancer education to PTSD treatment, and want to spend as much time as possible on this work. 

Currently, I am a student and lack the financial freedom to work on these projects full time. Every contribution, no matter the size, allows me to spend more time working on projects to address issues that impact people everyday. 

The internet, for all of its flaws, provides an opportunity to distribute information and resources to people on a scale never seen before in the history of our species. Let's use that potential the right way by putting positivity into the world :) 

You can view my work here:

P.S. I'm using the Hubble deep field picture for my banner photo because it's awesome. Yeet