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About Zack Bell

Who Am I?

I am Zack Bell.

I code and design video games at Spaceboy Games. Prior to co-founding our studio, I created a game called INK. Currently, my team is working on finishing HackyZack (Q1 2017) while I continue to focus on our larger project, Fara & The Eye of Darkness (Q4 2017). Recently we also unveiled Spaceboy Partners! We publish, fund, and support other hard-working developers. Together with Mike Reñevo and his team (Singapore), Spaceboy Partners will release High Noon Revolver later this month. We have a lot of other things in the works; I will likely update this part of the page semi-regularly!!

INK (2015)

Why Patreon?

I am turning to Patreon for several reasons. For most developers, Patreon would ideally allow them to focus on their projects full-time. For me, this is already the case. INK's 2015 release allowed me to live comfortably throughout 2016, pay to bring Fara & The Eye of Darkness to GDC'16, and travel sparingly. However, there are other things that money could improve. The most obvious being Spaceboy Partners. With a larger budget, we could help more developers. We target low-risk games that we believe will be successful, as well as games that may not have a complete development team (we fill in the gaps with contractors that we work with frequently). 

On the other hand, I greatly enjoy working transparently, creating code/engine asset packs, and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired about the games industry via tutorials and blog posts. This is what the bulk of this Patreon money will go towards. It is meant to entice me to work on more content for all of you. I suspect that my largest audience here will be fellow developers and I absolutely love sharing all of my information with the community. I am constantly getting direct messages, tweets, and emails about me slacking off on my ZackBellGames blog content. The reward for supporting this page will be access to consistent content of that nature.

HackyZack (Q1 2017)

What do Backers get?

Backers will be granted access to what I am calling Games Industry Tutorials. I will be writing these tutorials at least every two weeks (one article, twice per month). Most commonly will be Game Maker Studio (1.x and 2) scripting tutorials with sample projects attached, but I will cover many other topics including game design, my personal approach to game development (strategies, routine, etc), business/entrepreneurship, working with a publisher, and marketing.

Thank you so much for supporting me on Patreon, and thank you for trusting me with your time and education! I greatly appreciate every one of my friends, fellow developers, fans, and followers. Have a wonderful day <3  

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More content! I will up the priority of my Games Industry Tutorials and create one every week! I will also allow for people to suggest and vote for topics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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