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Breathe Easy
$200 per month
This is where I start to feel a little less anxious, like maybe I'm actually doing something right with my life. My creative juices are supercharged, knowing that you guys are in my corner!
Lose a shift at the day job!
$320 per month
Wow, this would be cool! If we can get to this milestone, I will be able to take a day that I spend in the retail world and turn it into a day that I do nothing but make art. I feel like this is where more short stories start to come online more often, in addition to the other content.
Lose day job shift #2!
$640 per month
ok yeah now we are talking! Two extra days a week to do nothing but work on the things you wanna see come out of my studio! This is cool. Let's say there will definitely be a new short story posted every month at this point, if that's not already happening.
The Riso Awakens!
$1,000 per month
At this level, not only will I have lost my mind about how cool the world can be, but I'll be able to spend some money on extra drums and inks and various supplies for my Risograph, and will make a little zine or print or *something* every month. People at the $5 or higher tiers will get a copy sent to them for free!
All Art, All The Time!
$1,500 per month
I'll quit my day job, focus on making comics and art and hanging out with my family when I'm not doing that! That sounds insane, maybe it is! But it's a dream. Seems like it could be cool.


Husband, dad, working cartoonist & publisher.
Current main work in progress: The Secret Voice
A million other comics and art projects too.


Portland, OR, USA

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Hi, hello!

I'm Zack Soto and I like to draw monsters, weirdos and more. I've been a professional cartoonist and micro (micro-micro) publisher for about 15 years, and while I've done a bunch of short stories and anthology comics, The Secret Voice is probably the work most people know me from.

The Secret Voice is my version of an "epic fantasy-adventure comic," though there are elements of metaphysics, art comics, super hero fiction and science fiction to round it out. In The Secret Voice, the warrior-monk Dr. Galapagos races against time to stop a war, save himself, his world and everyone he holds dear. There's action, mysticism, kung fu, trolls, epic battles, and I've built a huge world, which people have only seen a fraction of so far. Still to come are conspiracies, hand-to-hand mayhem, secret societies, doomed romance, betrayal, psychic showdowns, bloody battlefields, and dark forces!

So far, there's been two print issues of the first few chapters, with another one planned for Spring 2016. You can buy copies of these books here in the webstore, but issues 1 & 2 are also available to read on Study Group Comics right now for free. The completed story is going to be 6-7 print issues worth of comics. There was a couple years between issues 1 & 2, but I am back on track and my hopeful goal at this point is to put out two issues a year.

However, my wife and I have a new child, and let's just say that it's not so easy to carve out time (or more precisely, energy) to get to work after coming home from work and/or watching the bebe and wrangling him into bed. I currently have exactly one day a week that is dedicated to making art, the rest of my progress is made at night or in the early morning before the day job, or while my son naps a couple short hours a day.

Ironically, this year I had my first child is the year I feel like I'm actually starting to get a little prolific, because I'm more driven than ever. It's not easy. In fact, it's sort of super hard! But I am pushing myself like never before. I just need a little more help. If I could somehow get to the point where I'm supporting myself solely on comics.. Well let's just say a lifelong dream will be realized, and a good deal of my existential angst will immediately resolve itself! (right?)

But we're not just talking about Secret Voice here, really. I have a lot of other ideas and projects on the side/back burners that this Patreon thing can help me with, by making it possible to spend more time working on the things that matter to me instead of killing time at a day job and daydreaming about being able to draw comics. Short stories, collaborative comics, other serials, paintings, and sculptural work like toys and such are all on my docket.

So with that in mind, let's talk about: EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!
In addition to the Secret Voice updates on, I'll be running some Patreon-exclusive content here, only for my backers! For your monthly donation, you will receive access to:
  • Secret Voice progress reports, process posts, notations, and of course notifications when the updates appear. 
  • A weekly blog post only for Patrons with sketchbook drawing roundups, behind the scenes *secrets*, and observations.
  • Updates to Maps of the Unknown World, the science fiction series that is running as a back up in the print issues of Secret voice now. I won't be posting these for free on the Study Group site, I will only be showing these pages to my Patrons, as they appear! 
  • Short Stories! I'm going to start posting new short stories for my Patreon peeps. These will be for your eyes only, until they are collected somehow! I am not sure about the schedule on these, but if we can get the monthly $$ up to a certain level, I'll be able to do them more and more regularly. 
  • Higher tier Patrons will have access to original art rewards as well. Check it out below for more info.
  • Additionally: Patrons will get 10% off at the Study Group Store, for as long as they are supporting my campaign.

Anyway, the Patreon thing is set up pretty easily, if you like my comic you can sign up to kick in 1, 5, 10, or however many dollars you want per month.
It'll be fun!

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