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About Zac Voynow

I'm a college student at UNC-Wilmington with aspirations in the sports journalism field. I'm a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, with a passion for Penn State and Villanova athletics as well. 

Why Patreon?
I'm currently writing for Busting Brackets and Saturday Blitz, but I feel extremely passionate about Philly sports as well as college basketball and college football. With no other outlet to express from my passion, I chose to create my own Patreon page.

First and foremost, my main goal to provide Philly sports content for my loyal readers. I believe the transition to Patreon for the time being will be a boost in the right direction for my career, as well as a positive experience for my audience. My monetary goal is to reach $100 a month, from 100 different donors. I understand not everyone will be able to contribute, but any amount of money, no matter how small, will make a huge difference for me. The majority of my content will be free for everyone to enjoy, but I'm in the works of making exclusive content only for those who are donors.

$64 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 per month, I will select a donor from the Box Seats tier at random and either do an interview or let them write their own guest post with editing help from myself.
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