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About Zaelum

Hello~, I am the author of Origin Realm and a new translator of erogames~, Zaelum.
I hope you guys like it~, here you can find somethings that will make your reading time more fun, and also you can find more chapters~. I hope you guys find the things I write fun and have a great time!.

Also you can get early translations for good games~ and you can request the next game to translate!~

I am still working in this Patreon~

Have Fun~ 

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With this money, I will be able to live from writing. 
Really, in my country, this is enough to eat and pay basic bills.
I have a house, so I don't pay rent.
If I reach this, I will focus on writing more and get better.
Basically, this goal will be the first step in my life as a writer.
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