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About Ryan Olah

Who am I?
My name is Ryan Olah, and I'm an avid game developer who started creating games about 8 years ago. I've just graduated from the 12th grade, and recently left my job to pursue my passion for developing video games.

Current Project: Oneiro
Oneiro is a game I started back in September of 2018. It revolves around a curse that's laid upon a town that causes everyone to have the same nightmare every night they go to sleep.
Every towns person has a nightmare about being thrown into an unknown labyrinth, that's filled with enemies, weapons, and items, giving the player a completely different experience every time they play.

Generation:  Instead of me sitting down and handcrafting a load of labyrinths myself, I decided that I should force the game to do it for me. This ensures that the player will never traverse the same Labyrinth twice!
Items:  Items are where the game shines. There are 20+ items, and the effects of items can be anything from a simple boost to your health stat, all the way to consuming enemies to recover health, or even causing enemies to explode when they are killed.
Weapons:  Weapons consists of swords, hammers, and spears. Spears excel in speed and reach, while hammers excel in power, and swords are a good average between them.
Enemies:  Enemies are the threats to the player. Enemies are split into 2 sub categories: Normal and Elite. Elite enemies are, in the most basic sense, a stronger variant of the normal enemies. They are used to test the players strength, and have a much higher item drop rate from defeating them.

Why Patreon?
Patreon is a way for me to continue development of this game and simultaneously helping me achieve my dream of making money from developing games. Without an income from Patreon, my dream for game development will be incredibly difficult, or potentially impossible to keep up, but even a little money goes a long way.

Closing Statement
My past work can be found at my twitter here, and you can even play some of my past creations here on itch.io! If you're curious about the game, consider joining the discord!
If you appreciate the work I've done so far, or you're excited to see the future development of this game, please consider supporting me!

Alternate Donation Methods(Not monthly-basis)
Paypal: paypal.me/zaffresheep
Ko-fi: Ko-fi.com/zaffresheepgames

Thank you!
-Ryan Olah
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Starting off small, but sometimes we have to do that!
10 people supporting me and helping me towards my dream sounds absurd to me, but you never know.
I'm getting myself new equipment. Specifically, a desk of some sort. That's still something I lack, even after 8 years of game development.
If we could reach this, and get me a desk, that'd be awesome.
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