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About Zak Zyz

Hi, welcome to the Zak Zyz Patreon! It's my goal to produce the absolute best stories and podcasts I'm capable of, and I would love to have your help. 

There are a ton of pieces to putting out a great story, and I've tried to learn as many of them as I can. I do the writing, cover design, interior design, typesetting, and audiobook narration and recording for all of my books. But a good story is not a one man job! Behind every great book is an even greater editor. 

If you're so kind as to become a Zyz patron, 200% of your pledge will go to paying for quality, professional editing work to improve these stories and to help me get more writing out faster. I will match all patreon pledges! 

Professional editing can cost $30 an hour or more and it's well worth it. There are no shortcuts for a good editor. Without one, a book might only be half what it could become. I'm a firm believer in editing and strive to afford one, even for projects I know will not earn out. However for some of my larger completed novels, it will be quite a while before I can afford editing! Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and accelerate the release of some of my larger works. 

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At $600 a month I will hire a full-time editor working 10 hours a week to keep pace with my output! 
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