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About Zane Perron

If you’re here, you’ve followed me from livejournal (loaded_march), Tumblr (insanewordcount), and AO3 (footloose), where I’ve posted fanfiction for a handful of fandoms. However it is that you’ve found me, welcome!

I live to tell stories. Before I started with fanfiction, I wrote original fiction. While I was writing fanfiction, I wrote original fiction. And although Life<sup>TM</sup> has gotten in the way of writing as much fanfiction as I’d like, I’ve kept on writing original fiction.

The end goal is to someday be published by one of the big houses, but after all these years of trying and never quite making it, I’ve decided to stop filling my trunk with all sorts of finished and incomplete books and to do something about them. This is where this Patreon comes in.

I have a lot of projects I’d like to write, polish, and publish. Some of those projects are salvaging old stories, others are brand spanking new, and a few involve converting my more popular fanfiction into original fiction. Another project is to give back to the fanfiction community what it’s given me by pulling together other aspiring writers and art of original works to build zines or anthologies for publication.

100% of everyone’s support, whether it’s on a monthly basis or for a specific project, will go into making certain these works are as polished and as perfect as I can make them for publication.

I write character-driven action adventure stories in a wide variety of genres, though I tend to dip my big toe in science fiction and fantasy more than in any other. My science fiction tends toward epic space opera, while my fantasy veers between sword and sorcery and urban.

I'll be offering different things depending on my current project, so check back in often!

Thank you for your support!

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