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Info: I won't be able to make videos for the next couple of months, due to too much work and school.

Hello World, I'm Zanidd. I make videos and articles about various tech topics including Software Engineering and Hacking.

I'm also the host of the 404 Podcast not Found Podcast, where I interview and talk with other infosec, tech and hacking content creators/ influencers.

Patreon is a place where you can support all the shows, videos and articles I do, since I offer them for free.

Why should you support me?

Your support will allow me to increase the quality and quantity of my content, while keeping my creational freedom.

BONUS REASON : If I happen to create something cool (hardware or service), you can participate in a patreon only give-away!

Patreon is the best way to directly support me apart from YouTube and buying merch, and it really does help more than you think. Thanks for the support!

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This is a typical entry salary for the Job I'm currently at.

At this point I could start doing YouTube full time.
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