Zaph Mann Music is creating Music Radio & Podcasts + Studio Sessions

$1 /creation
You'll put me back on air - on the internet via a secret live feed and restart the podcasts. Anywhere from 80 to 1000 listen to my shows so there should be enough of you, you are one who steps up. ...

$4 /creation
The above, plus you're saying either "have a beer on me_, or "here, this is for that one thousand quid of raw costs" +  You'll get access to the patron-only feed, as above, where w...

$7 /creation
This would be lovely and substantial support, the above AND  you'll be in the "random surprise" group. I'll email you random surprises every once in a while, including ephemeral ...

$14 /creation
This is a lot of money to spend backing my music exploits, you are really showing me some serious respect here. This would open up possibilities in the wider scheme of things - studio - tours etc....

$50 /creation
(inner circle - limited to 14) - I think they call this an Angel Investor. That would be stunning, make a huge impact on my life and really enable me to be fully creative and free. You'l...

$500 /creation
We'll spend weekends, discuss theories, art, I'll paint you or DJ your wedding/party; we'll argue, sing, dance, get to know each other, all the things above and below; and here and now.