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About Zardman Games

As you could probably guess, that’s me up there! My name is David and for better or worse, I’m the man behind Khepri Ascendant. As an artist and aspiring game maker, this is a project I’ve wanted to undertake for a while: A sci-fi resource management game firmly planted in strategy, exploration, and complex interactions between players. It’s tactile and engaging and visually fun. It’s something I’m really excited about, and I’m hoping you will be, too!

Khepri Ascendant is a tabletop board game set in the burgeoning Khepri system where four independent civilizations seek to expand from their home planets and vie for supremacy. You will send out colonizers to establish outposts on unexplored moons and planets all in search of the precious resources needed to grow your empire. Use Helium-3, Titanium, Crystalline Gold, Khepri Spice, and Food to build ships and spies, grow your population, and construct monuments in testament to your primacy.

There are ten unique monuments, each with their own bonuses and values. The first player to erect enough monuments and develop the biggest empire can assert their dominance over the Khepri system and win the game. In route to this you will manufacture ships which can transport your citizens, orbit rival moons to blockade their production, and even battle other ships in a unique card combat system that involves bluffing and reading your opponent without ever using dice. You can train spies which can steal resources from undeserving adversaries or even persuade the local leaders of moons and planets to instead ally to your obviously superior civilization. There are miniatures and randomized moons and wooden resource tokens and distinctive religions with bonuses. Form alliances and trade, use subterfuge to undercut foes, or even wield a powerful armada to oppress your adversaries on your way to dominance.

A website is coming soon where you can read in depth rules on how to play.

I want to be upfront and honest. This Patreon is not support for the actual production of the game, it is in support of the development of the game. At a future date the game will undergo a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter in hopes of funding it through production and out to supporters. However, there will be a tier of support on the side that could lead to a reward of a copy of the game.

I’ve always enjoyed playing board games, but a few months ago I really fell in love with them. My wife and I were working intensely busy schedules which left us feeling a little distant from one another. Life gets in the way more than any of us want. So, I bought a board game that two people could play and hoped she’d be up for it in the evenings. We loved it. We played every night for a week and that distance that grew from the drudgeries of life dissipated. From that moment on table top games have held a special place in my heart and we’re always finding new ones to enjoy. There is an intimate connection that comes from board games that you can’t get from video games or watching a movie together. It’s physical and exciting and interactive. It’s unique, and I think they have a wonderful place in connecting friends and family and people.

So why support me? Well, because you’re generous and kind… and/or you just want to see this game become a reality sooner rather than later. Zardman Games is just me. There isn’t a team of artists or marketers or anyone else. I’m doing everything. Creating the art. Developing the mechanics. Dealing with manufacturers. Social media, the website, and advertising. Writing. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s a lot of work. Especially for one person. The more support I have the more time I can spend making this a reality. Hey, maybe one day I can do this full time, and this will really speed along.

Maybe you can’t really afford (or even want) to support the development phase. You just want to support the crowdfunding effort so you can get your hands on this sweet looking game. I totally understand! Hop on over to my website (coming soon) and join the mailing list or any of the social media platforms and follow along. You can also follow along with this Patreon. Then you’ll know exactly when it launches and how you can support it there.

In any fashion that you support this, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Even if you don’t, and you have just read this far, thank you for taking the time to give it a chance! I’m excited for the game and I hope you are, too!
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