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About zdemian

I'm zdemian.  I draw round things and comics about round things. 

Patrons of this page are supporting a number of comic projects such as new chapters of Let's Burn Some Muscle!!, as well as a variety of side stories, sketches, and other artwork posted regularly every week:

  • Two fully-shaded comic pages (Tues. and Fri.)
  • Two black and white comic pages (Mon. and Thur.)
  • A set of ~5 sketches/lineart (Mon.)

Other locations where you can find a lot of my past and current work include:

Distributed Computing for the Disembodied - Blog

Lastly, commissions are often available; pricing and other info is located here:
Commission Information

$1,500 – reached! per month
Weekly comic upgraded to be fully shaded.
This may be color or grayscale depending on the style used.


New comic gets a second page each week.
Pretty self-explanatory.

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