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About Zeba Talkhani

I'm Zeba Talkhani, author of forthcoming memoir My Past is a Foreign Country (June 2019). It's my first book and charts my journey to find freedom as a young woman in Saudi Arabia, India, Germany & UK.

I write about my experiences of being a brown, Muslim woman in different parts of the world as well as reflect on my personal journey with the patriarchal setups within the various South Asian Muslim communities I inhabit.

On Patreon I plan to share writing that complements my published works as well as continue writing with my readers in mind. 2019 is an especially exciting year for me, and I want to share my experiences as a debut author with you in real time.

I hope this space can also work as an extension of my online profile and give me more room to explore topics such as faith, feminism, self-compassion, trauma within the patriarchy, mother-daughter relationships, decolonising, impact of honour and shame based narratives, cultural and religious oppression and the importance of reclaiming our voices in a world that wants to benefit from our experiences.

You can read more about my book here. And get a feel for my writing here.