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About Zeigren

The Keep Dreaming Project aims to provide the Dreamcast community with an open-source ecosystem for hardware research and development.

  • Breakout boards
  • Development boards
  • Other tools and final designs
  • GD-ROM Drive Emulator
  • Wireless Network Adapter
  • Wireless Controller
  • Project Management Platform
  • Documentation Platform
  • Developer Chat

There’s a thriving community developing hardware and software for the Dreamcast, however many of us work alone. How many people have tried to create a Dreamcast GD-ROM drive emulator? Network adapter? Wireless controller?

Many of these complex projects end up taking a single person years to complete if they do at all. A common ecosystem with a solid hardware foundation will make collaboration easier, avoid reinventing the wheel, and reduce time spent troubleshooting.

Join me in creating this ecosystem and making dreams a reality! Chipping in helps me afford hardware and lets me spend more time focusing on the project.

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