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About Zélie

hello, i'm Zélie, or zé. i am a 27 year old disabled artist and confessionally oversharing mentally and physically chronically ill girl who wants to share her story. i make all kinds of things.

let's start with my writing - i write various things, but primarily i blog when it comes to writing. i started my first blog before i was even in my teens, on blogspot, because i liked the idea and i loved writing. i hopped around from blog to blog for a while (all personal blogs) because i have (diagnosed) ocd and am a perfectionist. i blogged for years over at now-defunct mental health blog sugarette.net which had a blog post about helping someone deal with an anxiety attack published in a NAMI newsletter and i currently run my main (personal/mental health/poetry themed) blog actively at sugarette.net

also, i would consider myself a photographer. my canon dslr is broken at present (something i can fix as i get more patrons and therefore income). my fujifilm instant film camera and canon slr(s) still work. i occasionally buy instant film but not often due to cost, and i haven't been able to get any of the various rolls of film and disposable cameras i have sitting around developed (also due to cost) but you can bet i'll post those things here when i have them. my work with photography is primarily a portrait/still documentary photography work, though you'll catch me taking the odd macro or even landscape photo. i have been photographing, well, probably most often myself, but other people and things too, since ~2008. one photograph of mine was published in a book one time.

i love to make videos! i make some videos for youtube, and i try to be very real about my mental illnesses and chronic physical illness, in order to put a face to the symptoms and perhaps decrease stigma the tiniest bit, plus to help those with similar symptoms feel less alone. i think that that is important work to do in the world! i love sharing my story and making other fun videos too. i have an ongoing series of videos, olaplex and chill, which involves me having heart-to-hearts with my camera while i have an olaplex treatment sitting in my hair repairing it from all the bleaching i do.
my videos are mostly on my youtube channel.

in all of these mediums and others (acrylic painting; oil painting; cray pas; audio files; podcast episodes; digital art; etc) on this page i openly talk about many commonly triggering subjects relevant to my own life, which i try to place trigger warnings on beforehand, but if you go through my content you will find that I speak openly and honestly about my own lived experiences as a chronically physically & mentally ill bisexual woman with psychological trauma in the usa. some topics i frequently bring up include but are not limited to: suicide, self harm, rape, abuse, and eating disorders.

i share & create as much as i am able to but due to frequent hospitalizations, other appointments & treatments and generally having low energy and severe mental illnesses i do not promise super regular and/or "good" content. i do promise a real look into my life, raw and vulnerable as i always have been, which if you're new here is very. very very, very very very.

i hope you enjoyed learning about my work and consider becoming a patron! remember to check out the cool rewards! pledges help me to afford my living and medical expenses as well as repair/upgrade/add equipment & supplies and develop photos.

love u all, even the haters,
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wow! your support means a lot, i truly don't know if i'll achieve even this first goal but this would allow me to upgrade my video/audio/photography/etc equipment every month or several depending on the price of the equipment that i would be upgrading
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