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You will live with the delightful knowledge that you made me smile, and enabled me to drink more tea. One can never have too much tea.
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For you, dreary Mondays will no longer be the day Champions and Heroes update. Instead you will get your comics on the still cozy Saturday, two days ahead of the regular schedule. 
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Not only do you experience the joy of getting Champions and Heroes two days early, but you will also get sneak peeks on in-progress art that I'm working on, and be the first to see the finished piece.



About Nathalie Nilsson

Hi! I'm Nathalie Nilsson and for the past eight years I've been running the online comic Champions and Heroes as both author and artist. It is silly, made with love, and updates once a week. Additionally, I've published comics in Swedish and British anthologies, and I do illustrations, the occassional little animation and roleplay in my spare time. 

Throwing some money my way will allow me to put more time and effort into the comics and art that I do, and it will warm my ickle heart to know that you appreciate it. It also means that you will get four Champions and Heroes comic pages a month on average before everyone else, and front row seats for new projects that I'm ready to show the world - be it illustrations, roleplay related content, or other comics.

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